Services Healthway Hospital

Our Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre offer various services for the treatment of substance addicts. The information provided includes the different types of services, activities and roles provided in healthcare facilities.

The showcase of different services the clinic offers. Participants provided many responses regarding the services the clinic offers. 99.00% stated that personal consultancy services were provided by the Best Rehabilitation Centre. Similarly, 98.00% said that Rehabilitation Centre provide counseling and entertainment. Similarly, 97.50% of the participants stated that we provide emotional services.

This is followed by people who say yoga with 97.00% and similarly people who say access shared services and fitness classes with 95.50%. Likewise, 95.00% of the survey participants stated that Asta Basket services are provided by the facilities. At the same time, 88.50% of people commented. Similarly, 89.50% said family meetings. In addition, 87.50% of people responded to physical exercise, while 85.00% stated that health Centre provided medication services.